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Looking at the potential crisis prediction of enterprises from the Wenchuan earthquake

on the afternoon of the 12th, nearly half of China was moved by it. A sudden Wenchuan earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 shook the whole country, which was the same level as the Tangshan earthquake in 1976. These two days, all major media are actively reporting the front-line situation, and the whole country is united to rescue and treat the victims. We are also silently praying for the victims in Wenchuan to get through the difficulties as soon as possible

in the face of the disaster, we calmly think, why did the earthquake in Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province not be predicted before? Can earthquakes be predicted? Many people are very concerned about this

experts said: "most earthquakes occur in the earth's crust below 15 kilometers underground. At present, human research on the earth's crust can only be drilled to 12 kilometers underground by drilling rigs, which is far from directly observing the whole process of earthquake preparation and occurrence. We can only use limited instruments and equipment on the surface to capture indirect information about the internal structure and state changes of the crust, so as to judge the possibility of earthquake occurrence."

experts say: "Earthquake prediction is a global problem; so far, no country or scientist has a way to accurately predict earthquakes. Before that, China also had a very few precedents of successful prediction. However, due to the huge differences in seismic geological environment, incomplete historical earthquake records, low density of seismic observation stations and the theoretical level of earthquake prediction, accurate prediction of earthquakes is now being made Not yet. Although there will be some precursors in the area where the earthquake is located, whether it can be used for impending earthquake prediction depends on the accumulation of C punch and die diameters and research. "

2008 is an eventful year for the Chinese nation. A snow disaster at the beginning of the year, which was not seen in 50 years, has paralyzed the transportation hub of South China. Even trains can crash, changing many people's view of "the safest long-distance transportation on earth"

an enterprise group, just like a country, will encounter various natural disasters, and an enterprise will also encounter various crisis events. The difference is that countries can have many objective reasons to predict various natural disasters, but enterprises have no reason to predict various crises, because a crisis is enough to bankrupt an enterprise. In particular, a crisis like the "car crash" is too low-level for an enterprise

many enterprises remained silent or even went bankrupt because of a crisis event. A "Changde event" made three giants fall down; A bottle of fake wine spoils the whole Fen Liquor; The sudden pursuit of profit ruined the whole Guanshengyuan. When these events come out, many people think of how to deal with crisis events and how to do a good job in corporate public relations. For this reason, many enterprises have set up a special public relations department, as well as a special spokesman, to deal with and respond to crisis events

why do we have to wait until the crisis comes before dealing with it? Why can't we take the initiative to attack and prevent? Many enterprises are often confined to the idea of "it's not too late to mend the sheep before it is too late", but ignore the need to nip in the bud. If the earthquake is unpredictable, it is because the nature is too complex and it is not human at present, and the potential crisis of the enterprise is predictable and preventable

with the development of market economy today, there are many experiences that can be used for reference and learned. In order for enterprises to develop rapidly and steadily, we must avoid many mistakes in calculation. We should learn to predict the potential crisis of enterprises, guide enterprises to develop in a healthy direction and avoid risks. An excellent enterprise, an excellent strategic development department, must put predicting the potential crisis of the enterprise and avoiding the risk of enterprise development in an important position

as we all know, butterfly effect refers to that in a dynamic system, small changes in initial conditions can drive the long-term huge chain reaction of the whole system. It is also vividly explained that a butterfly in the tropical rainforest of the Amazon River Basin in South America, occasionally flapping its wings, may cause a tornado in Texas in the United States two weeks later. However, few enterprises use its essence in the actual enterprise development, which leads to the tragedy of the above enterprises

for enterprises, to prevent the occurrence of potential crises, they must control from the source, manage every detail of the enterprise, always pay attention to any information and data in the enterprise, analyze and make predictions. The details are as follows:

1. Establish the awareness of enterprise safety development of all employees, especially the middle and senior management of the enterprise

2. Establish a smooth information feedback system and information sharing platform

3. Establish a complete set of detail management system, emphasize the detail management of all employees, and do a good job in every detail of enterprise development

4. Encourage everyone to actively make suggestions, put forward their own preventive measures against the potential crisis of the company, and provide certain incentives

5. Those who neglect their duties will be severely punished

an earthquake has brought disasters to countless families. In addition to blessing and assistance within our capabilities, we also hope to share the segmented curve of selected sensors in the range of bicycle users in China; The test scheme setting module has reached 106million. It is hoped that the country can do a good job in forecasting major natural disasters in the future. At the same time, as a marketer, it also rings an alarm for the vast number of Chinese enterprises. The potential crisis of enterprises can be predicted and avoided. Don't make up for the past! Crises are often fatal

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