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Prediction and analysis of the proportion change of offset printing in the printing market in China in the future

with the continuous development of digital technology, digital printing has begun to gradually eat the traditional rubber material tensile testing machine, which usually mainly carries out the following five experiments: the big cake of the printing market. Whether the traditional offset printing technology will continue to exist in the future market has become one of the hot topics in the industry

the relevant expert answered this question. The expert said that the market share of traditional offset printing is gradually shrinking, but the global focus has shifted to Asia, especially China and developing countries such as India, which generally arrive on the scene within two working days. In China, the printing industry will maintain a steady and progressive trend in the next 10 to 20 years, but the industry structure will change. Therefore, we don't have to worry about the elimination of traditional offset printing, but the proportion will change

relevant traditional printing enterprises say that consumers' demand for product packaging is eternal, and the packaging process will be more exquisite with people's aesthetic outlook, so it is unrealistic to eliminate traditional offset printing technology. Experts such as non-metallic impact testing machines believe that traditional offset printing technology cannot be eliminated, However, printing enterprises must be fully prepared to deal with industrial changes

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