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Editor's note: in recent years, with the growth of the total amount of daily-use commodities represented by food, printing, medicine, chemicals, cosmetics, electronic products, health products and children's products, the demand for various labels is increasing, and then there is a wide demand for various label production equipment, related equipment and raw and auxiliary materials

: the basic situation of China's self-adhesive label printing Market:

manager Chen: with the continuous economic development in China, the middle class market is also expanding, followed by a rapid increase in the demand for high-grade products. The label printing market is also affected by this environmental change, and the demand is also rising rapidly, which is said to have increased by 14% compared with the previous year. Compared with general printing, label printing has higher processing performance, especially there are many technologies hidden in some invisible places. For products, it is mainly in the form of accepting orders from customers for industrial processing. In particular, due to the low price of the pulse experimental machine system, with the rapid economic growth, we must consider how to meet the requirements of customers to a higher level and more diversified. Therefore, it is necessary to change from the previous order processing professional industry to the development of multi-functional processing industry. Further, in terms of medium and long-term development, the combination of switching to original proposals is considered to be what the market wants

: current situation of self-adhesive label printing in China 1 Analysis of dispensing experimental devices (from material suppliers, equipment suppliers and printing manufacturers):

manager Chen: with the diversification of needs, China's label market hopes for the economic establishment of production efficiency, high quality and high technology. With the improvement of the accuracy of product content, printing method and processing method, it is necessary to improve the skill of the equipment. Therefore, equipment with automation, easy operation and high stability and durability are indispensable. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the patented technology owned by itself

: the latest development of self-adhesive label printing (new technology, new materials, new equipment, new development trends)

manager Chen: in terms of product specifications, it will develop towards diversification. The following are the main product names:

(1) variable information label

(2) multi-layer label

(3) confidential label

(4) windowed label

(5) 530 label (Environmental Friendly Non release paper sticker)

(6) sealing label (Environmental Friendly Non dry label)

(7) mouth label

in terms of printing form, the printing method tends to be flexible. Flexography has now become synonymous with high-quality printing. On the other hand, the driving mode of the equipment introduces the servo motor, which is developing towards gearless. In addition, in the aspect of control system, the computer is used for automatic management, and the longitudinal registration precision connecting plate control and tension control are digitalized. In other words, it has entered the practical stage of extensive skilled operators and one person operation in fields that do not need the operation of plastic granulator

in terms of processing forms, the processing starts with silicone oil coating and adhesive coating. That is to say, all processing is processed on-line, and the operation without stopping is practical. Therefore, the technology of automatic paper receiving and automatic paper receiving is indispensable

: new technology in self-adhesive label printing process:

manager Chen: (1) anyway, with the realization of online, the all-in-one machine becomes more practical. Two sides of the printing machine are printed at one time, silicone oil is applied online, and adhesive is applied online, so as to realize product diversification, small batch, fast delivery, low cost and pollution-free

(2) next, printing methods, such as センタドラムタイフロはスタックによる, saving space and energy

(3) the control of the drive is computerized, and it is convenient to complete automatic operation

(4) with proprietary patented technology, multi-color advanced, high-quality, high-precision has become possible

is centered on the above, which can not only achieve low-cost and pollution-free, but also achieve non-stop operation, one person operation and no need for skilled workers

: Problems and solutions in the process of self-adhesive label printing (such as static electricity, waste discharge, die cutting and prepress design):

manager Chen: with sufficient demonstration training and basic technology learning of gaobaoku, more than half of the problems can be avoided. The cost of equipment and devices produced in China is indeed very low. However, I have heard that such and such problems often occur and cause. Because the problems caused by the existing factors of the equipment itself are very fatal problems, so we try to avoid those problems caused by the oil cylinder quality and oil leakage in the design. Gaobaoku has a substantial maintenance system and the ability of rapid countermeasures. It has sold more than 4000 sets of printing and processing equipment in 24 countries in the world, and has also been highly praised by customers. The reason is that the printing machines manufactured and sold by our company have high precision, high quality and high durability, as well as convenient operation

: talk about the application of self-adhesive labels:

manager Chen: usually, labels are centered on the simple product brand, product quality, product content and product price, while the current label effect is that the product acts as a spokesperson without talking. The effect of this kind of spokesperson is a label with promotional skills. With the continuous progress of the market, it will be widely used in the highly developed market. In the further computerization of yesterday and today, the management labels used in logistics, production, engineering and other fields of management information are more extensive. If the labels are used, they must be skilled. In the future, with the continuous development of functionality, the application range of labels will become broader

: the gap between China and foreign countries in all aspects of self-adhesive label printing:

manager Chen: Frankly speaking, there is still a big gap between China and foreign countries in terms of quality stability and stable processability. In particular, the improvement of basic technology and development capacity is very necessary

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