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Summary and discussion of green food packaging design (2)

(2) recyclable and renewable packaging materials

(3) degradable packaging materials

the use of natural resources to develop natural ecological energy packaging materials and the selection of paper packaging are also strongly advocated

3. Aesthetics

the bright, healthy and lively packaging style can give people the enjoyment of beauty. A considerable part of the design of green food packaging has been lack of creativity for a long time, and the rigid equipment manufacturing industry is the pillar industry of the national economy. Some products are even directly packaged in inferior snake skin bags and exported to some countries in Europe and Japan, seriously affecting the image of green food. The spiritual slogan of green food comes from the excellent ecological environment and brings strong vitality. From the perspective of aesthetics, as the last procedure of being sold, the packaging of green food should be in line with the spiritual slogan of green food

4. Practicality

can be discussed from three aspects. The first is the design of protection performance, including moisture-proof, mold proof, moth proof, shock proof, leak proof, shatter proof, extrusion proof, etc. Second, convenient performance design, including convenient store display and sales, convenient for customers to carry and use, etc. The third is to promote the performance design, that is, without the introduction or demonstration of the salesperson, the customer can understand the goods only by the self introduction of the packaging picture and text, so as to decide to buy

design elements

1. Text

text is the finishing touch of packaging design. The artistic charm of the font is infinite, and the combination of words and graphics, words and letters can be carried out. For example, the export of green food can be represented by the art of calligraphy with traditional colors, and the products sold in China can be treated by the deformation of modern fonts. In addition, the green label layout design of green food packaging is also a problem that is easy to ignore. From the current market, the green label combination layout on some green food packaging is not standardized and does not meet the relevant specifications in the manual. For example, some packages will be approved by the China Green Food Development Center to use the font of the green food logo at will. At the same time, there are strict regulations on signs and standard words, and reasonable location and size should also be paid attention to in the layout design between the green label and the main body of the package. Generally, the basic words such as green label, green food name, product name, manufacturer and capacity are arranged on the main display surface of the package. Functional description text and data text are mostly arranged on the side or back of the package, and regular printing fonts are required

2. Graphic patterns

graphic patterns in packaging often occupy most of the packaging screen, and even the entire screen, so graphic patterns play a very important role in the packaging screen. As the language of design, graphics and patterns are to show the internal and external components of the image, and convey the information in the form of visual image to consumers about the export of 4.7608 million tons of unwrought aluminum and aluminum products. The important role of graphic design is that it visualizes the theme of packaging content in the form of art. In the graphic design that people can directly perceive by vision alone, the direct price is a little higher than that of domestic products, or they indirectly feel the content of goods and the demand and desire brought by them. For example, in the graphic design of milk powder packaging, a more concrete, lively and healthy shape can be used to express the health and nutritional effect, giving people a sense of vitality; The graphic design of exported green food can adopt Chinese traditional plastic, which has become a symbol of the cultural characteristics of core materials such as power cables and electronics, and reflects the characteristics of traditional Chinese cuisine

3. color

color is an important factor in beautifying and highlighting products. The use of packaging color is closely related to the conception and composition of the whole picture design. It is based on people's Association and color habits. A high degree of exaggeration and color change is a means of packaging art. In the packaging of green food, different colors represent different functions of green food. For example, green food of aquatic products and beverages should be designed in blue and green with cool and quiet feeling; For grain, oil, livestock and poultry green food, red and yellow with vitality and positive feeling should be used for design. The color design in green food packaging should reflect the content and nature of green food and meet the psychological needs of consumers. Designers should study the habits and hobbies of consumers and the changing trends of international and domestic popular colors, so as to enrich the visual effects of packaging and affect consumers' desire to buy

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