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Based on the principles of complementary advantages, mutual benefit and common development, the 2005 work summary (Abstract) of the paper container packaging Committee 2 Dongqing company has done the following work under the direct leadership of the municipal Packaging Association

I. prepare for Shanghai International Corrugated paper packaging exhibition

co sponsored by Shanghai Packaging Technology Association, Shanghai International Modern Exhibition Co., Ltd., Shanghai gray Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Packaging Association paper container packaging Committee, several meetings were held in the first half of this year to discuss the direction and objectives of the exhibition and clarify the division of labor for specific matters. The tasks of the paper committee are:

1. Assist the two exhibition companies in attracting investment, mainly machinery enterprises and supporting enterprises, Provide buyers for carton enterprises and participate in investment promotion in Shanghai

2. If the authoritative appraisal results of the two exhibitions are obvious, the company established a special issue of paper packaging industry as the media and platform of the exhibition. It is tentatively scheduled to be published once every two months, and has been published twice, with good response

3. Hold the first Yangtze River Delta corrugated box "Oriental Star" Grand Prix, select four gold, silver, copper and innovation awards, and recommend the best Excellence Award and Excellence Award of corrugated box in Shanghai to the Yangtze River Delta evaluation committee

4. Organize the exhibition of excellent corrugated boxes, mainly during the exhibition, to show the level of corrugated boxes in the Yangtze River Delta and Shanghai

5. Publish two special issues of corrugated boxes, and the paper committee is responsible for providing manuscripts and publishing gold, silver and bronze product albums

the above five aspects are the main tasks of the paper Committee

second, internal and external exchanges, learning lessons

last October, nine people, including Chaochang, xintonglian, reconstruction, Fuguang and Changjin, were organized to visit Japan, and two achievements were achieved after returning home. First, Shanghai xintonglian packaging materials Co., Ltd. learned from Japan's development to space, transformed the finished product warehouse, and achieved results; The second is the development of Shanghai Chaochang machinery, which is the first "flexible rubber plate cleaning machine" in China

this year, I will organize a group of 16 people to study in Hong Kong and Guangdong, exchange corrugated box market, exchange experience and establish relations with each other

visit Shenzhen Huali, Zhaoqing Portman Machinery Co., Ltd., Tianlong ink group Oriental Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., Guangdong Fuli Machinery Co., Ltd. and Guangdong DASONG corrugated roller Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Zhongbao packaging materials Co., Ltd. in Guangdong. Exchange experience with peer leaders and learn a lot (including new products, processes, technologies, etc.). The paper committee wrote a special report on investigation and study

III. The fourth carton industry product quality evaluation activity in 2005

this year, the evaluation requirements are high. It must be dot printing and chromatic chromatic chromatic chromatic chromatic chromatic chromatic chromatic chromatic chromatic chromatic chromatic chromatic chromatic chromatic chromatic chromatic chromatic chromatic chromatic chromatic chromatic chromatic chromatic chromatic chromatic chromatic chromatic chromatic chromatic chromatic chromatic chromatic chromatic chromatic chromatic chromatic chromatic chromatic chromatic chromatic chromatic chromatic chromatic. In July, the paper Committee organized the "industry" evaluation group to select in Shanghai reconstruction Packaging Co., Ltd., and finally determined five enterprises of Shanghai Huali, Shengxing, Shengbai, Xinqing and xintonglian as the best excellent products, and eight products of Shanghai Huali as excellent products

some factories have many problems in printing and binding due to low scores, so they are not rated. I hope to continue to work hard and participate in the selection next time

the judges discussed and believed that during the four selection sessions, some factories insisted on participating in the utilization of plastics and other non-metallic materials with great potential and achieved certain results, and the overall level was improved to a certain extent. After discussion, the best Excellence Award was awarded to enterprises with "quality trustworthy enterprises" for more than two times, and three enterprises, Huali, Shengbai and xintonglian, were awarded the excellent award enterprises for more than three times, including the best Excellence Award enterprises for once and the "quality pacesetter enterprises", Fumen, Magnolia, Xinqing, Changjin, Shengbao and Guojia carton factory

the judges agreed that Jifeng, Shengxing and reconstruction enterprises should be commended for their achievements

IV. evaluate "Star packaging" enterprises

at the end of July this year, an evaluation meeting was held in Shanghai Changjing packaging materials Co., Ltd. the judges agreed that Shanghai Minxin packaging materials factory should be upgraded to a "five-star packaging enterprise". The judges evaluated Shanghai Chaochang Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. as a "four-star packaging enterprise", and the judges evaluated Shanghai Changjing packaging materials Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jumin packaging materials Co., Ltd Shanghai Dingsheng Printing Co., Ltd. is evaluated as a "three-star packaging enterprise"

v. special meeting

on May 20 this year, a seminar on the reform and development of the carton industry was held in yilidon Hotel, Fengxin Town, Fengxian District. Seven enterprises introduced their experience in reform and development, and 37 units and more than 50 people attended the meeting. They spoke highly of the introduction of seven units, including Shanghai Minxin, Dinglong, Xinqing, Shengbai, Huali, xintonglian and Dingsheng

after the evaluation, a technical exchange and Cooperation meeting was held in Shanghai Dinglong. The carton factory of excellent products and the papermaking and printing ink machinery equipment factory were invited to participate in the symposium, which achieved certain results, strengthened the cooperation and discussion between the two sides, and made the product quality better

VI. price coordination

during the seminar on reform and development, a symposium on price coordination was held. Many representatives expressed good opinions and suggestions and raised many questions (1) whether industry price coordination should be carried out again; (2) Make more publicity on price coordination in the industry

everyone agreed that the industry price coordination must be carried out. If the comparison is not done well, the association price and the issuance of documents still have a certain role. At least the industry association has a basis for enterprises to discuss with users, and users recognize it

for the three major problems currently existing in the industry, price, consumption and accounts receivable, the first two items have been publicized by the paper Committee in China packaging daily, Shanghai packaging, paper packaging industry and paper weekly

after the meeting, the paper Committee of Shanghai Packaging Association issued document No. 7 of 2005 to adjust the price of corrugated boxes and paper products

VII. Adjustment of leading institutions

on July 20 this year, a meeting of the Standing Committee of the directors and deputy directors was held to convey the instructions of the municipal contracting Association and discuss the plan for adjusting the leading institutions. Before the meeting, a meeting of the secretary general was held to discuss the adjustment plan and submitted to the directors' meeting for discussion

according to the instructions of the municipal outsourcing Association, the old directors and deputy directors will not change in principle. In addition, the secretary group will propose an additional plan to support the work of the association and actively participate in various activities

The meeting decided to adopt:

add zhanghuigen, the director of Shanghai Minxin packaging material factory, as the vice chairman

add chendezheng, general manager of Shanghai Shengbai Packaging Industry Co., Ltd., as the vice chairman

add caowenjie, general manager of Shanghai xintonglian packaging materials Co., Ltd., as the vice chairman

add laixueqing, general manager of Shanghai fumen Paper Co., Ltd., as the vice chairman (Taiwan enterprise)

(I) adjust the Standing Committee (due to job transfer, retirement, failure and other reasons)

retain 9 old standing committee members, promote 7 standing committee members (no members), and add 14 supplementary standing committee members. The old members and members of the Standing Committee were promoted, and a total of 25 new members were added

the paper container packaging Committee of Shanghai Packaging Association is composed of 37 people, accounting for 30% of the member enterprises. After this adjustment, the leading group basically achieves the combination of the old, the middle-aged and the young, reflecting experience and vitality. The leading members of the new group are active supporters of the Association's work, a powerful force to do a good job of the association's work, and make the work of the association better. It is a viable Professional Committee of Shanghai Packaging Association

(II) about adjusting the strength of professional groups in the industry

1. The secretary group of the paper committee still retains the principal and deputy secretary general. Comrade Shan Lirong, the old deputy secretary general, asked to quit the deputy secretary general because of his retirement and make up for it in the future

2. Price coordination group of the paper Committee:

group leader: Ma Aijun (concurrently held by the Deputy Secretary General), Deputy Group Leader: Xu Yali

3. Quality evaluation group of the paper Committee

group leader: Yang Guoxin (concurrently held by the Deputy Secretary General), Deputy Group Leader: Wang Haiming

4. Expert group of the paper Committee

group leader: Dong Weiying (concurrently held by the Deputy Secretary after repeated battles), Deputy Group Leader: Shan Lirong

8. Publicity media reports of the paper Committee

1 This year, the internal Shanghai paper Rongshun road industry information was published in 26 issues, which was deeply welcomed by enterprises and foreign associations. The associations of other provinces and cities sent to our association. Thirteen provinces and cities, including Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Hunan, Guangdong, Guangzhou, Sichuan, Jiujiang, Chongqing, Dalian, Wenzhou, Changchun, Yangzhou, Ningbo and so on, exchanged industry experience information, and related industry commonalities were re registered

2. China packaging daily published 15 articles, introducing the experience of Minxin and Xinqing and the information of industrial activities, and contributed 24 articles to Shanghai packaging, paper weekly, printing magazine and paper packaging industry, introducing relevant enterprise information and activities, selecting and publishing publicity newspapers and guides, so as to complement each other, understand the situation of the industry and promote the progress of the industry

IX. financial revenue and expenditure report

this year, the work of the association has been supported by the majority of enterprises. Most member enterprises have actively participated in various activities organized by the association. In particular, the full support of Shanghai reconstruction Packaging Co., Ltd., Shanghai United Packaging Decoration Co., Ltd., Shanghai Qiyu color Printing Co., Ltd., Shanghai Changjing packaging materials Co., Ltd. and Shanghai DINGLONG Machinery Co., Ltd. should be commended. In terms of manpower On behalf of the paper Committee, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for the strong financial support given to the association

ten tasks arranged in the 2005 plan have been basically completed, including the development of group members and brand product trademarks

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