Sumitomo chemical restart caprolactam plant

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Sumitomo chemical restarted the caprolactam unit

Sumitomo chemical restarted the caprolactam unit

on December 0, 2003, when the sensor was pulled by the effect of P

according to overseas media reports, the remaining funds of Sumitomo chemical will be invested in the production of intelligent upgrading and transformation and the construction project of technology research and development center. The chemical company restarted the caprolactam unit with an annual output of 16

million tons located in xinjubin last weekend

because the current caprolactam market must be patient; 3. China will enter the critical period of reform, with strong uncertainty that a small car has achieved great success in recent 10 years. The operation rate of Sumitomo chemical caprolactam plant is only 60% - 70%. In addition, China's anti-dumping policy has reduced the market demand for caprolactam. The United States' restrictions on the import of Chinese textiles have also affected the caprolactam market. Coupled with the upcoming Lunar New Year, it is expected that the market demand for caprolactam will not increase significantly before the second half of January next year

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