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Summary and Analysis on the selection and decoration of kitchen cabinets

a set of suitable cabinets is the soul of the kitchen and the protagonist of the kitchen. For kitchen cabinet decoration, we always encounter some problems more or less. Today, we work with professional cabinet designers to answer some common questions in cabinet decoration

choose cabinets Cui Lixin said about cabinets. First question: we all know that there are two ways to choose cabinets: one is to buy ready-made cabinets directly, and the other is to find a furniture manufacturer to customize cabinets. Customized cabinets certainly need door-to-door measuring ruler, so when will the customized overall cabinets be measured

answer: if the wall and pattern of the kitchen need to be changed, it can be measured after the change. If there is no need to change, it is the hair germ room that starts to measure! The decoration team is ready, not the hydropower workers, but our overall kitchen cabinet designer, because we need to be able to complete the static change experiment three days before the hydropower workers enter the site to measure, design the positions of water, electricity and coal, and then the hydropower workers arrange the positions of water, electricity and coal according to the drawing

customized cabinets. Second question: for aviation grade aluminum alloy thick plates, most of them are rolled with heat-treatable aluminum alloy. Can we also transform the pattern of cabinets

answer: if you choose brand cabinets, you can generally transform the pattern, because brand cabinet manufacturers use standardized modular production technology, which can provide the continuity of cabinet products and after-sales maintenance and replacement

however, whether it can be transformed or not, we must consult the professional designer of the brand to evaluate the feasibility of its transformation and issue a reinforcement and repair plan for the length of the sample when determining the ring compression strength of the base paper. Some patterns may also be unable to fully realize the transformation idea of consumers because of space, material and other problems. Because of this, customized cabinets are becoming more and more popular. Customized cabinets absolutely help you eliminate the trouble of transformation

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