Sumitomo chemical actively develops special acryli

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Sumitomo chemical actively develops special acrylic resin industry

it is reported that Sumitomo chemical industry in Japan is actively engaged in the formal industrialization of special acrylic resin. The foamed acrylic resin jointly developed by the company and Zhong Yuan chemical industry is currently providing samples smoothly. Due to the high evaluation in the field of agricultural materials such as seedling cultivation pots, a formal sales system will be established. The acrylic resin film independently developed by the company can be used as the inpane of automobiles because of its high transparency, high-grade feeling and environmental protection characteristics. In terms of supply, the Ehime factory will be equipped with an annual production system of 1000 metric tons. In the future, it is necessary to accelerate the application and development and actively carry out commercialization. The company actively expands the acrylic acid business at home and abroad, and also strengthens the strategy of special specifications to improve the competitiveness of the business

acrylic resin is currently trading vigorously in the application of LCD backlight light guide plate, and companies have successively put forward plans for capacity enhancement and strengthening according to the demand for this purpose. The company has a global market share of 40% in this application, and is the largest enterprise in the world. From raw material MMA to polymer molding material sheet, the company has a business foundation in Japan, South Korea, Singapore and other countries

if the plan is to be implemented, statement:

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