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The importance of wall exterior decoration coatings and its market promotion value

in view of the characteristics and existing problems of building exterior decoration, China's building exterior decoration material market has undergone great changes in recent years, from commonly used coatings and ceramic tile finishes to new elastic Dutch art paint, color decorative mortar, flexible face brick, porcelain stone paint and real stone paint. Its TPU is used for tissue culture scaffolds. There are also research cases in the United States. The elastic Heyi paint has the functions of hydrophobic self-cleaning, elastic repair, breathing and ventilation; Color decorative mortar has the characteristics of natural color texture, low comprehensive cost, never fade and convenient construction; The flexible facing brick has the characteristics of light weight, thin body, good economy, strong weather resistance, good waterproof and air permeability, and never fade

according to the investigation of the exterior wall external insulation and exterior decoration coating system popularized and applied in the market, several types of products commonly used at present have different disadvantages. Although ordinary acrylic exterior wall paint products have beautiful colors, full film, good color retention, good covering power and adhesion, and moderate price, these products belong to hydrophilic coatings, do not have hydrophobic and self-cleaning ability, and cannot solve the cracks and water seepage problems of the wall. Although the external wall elastic paint has good elasticity, strong resistance to base deformation, good crack resistance effect, can cover subtle cracks, full paint film, good color retention, and the equipment with large stroke is not all used for the detection of flexible packaging materials, but this kind of products have low paint film hardness, poor stain resistance, and easy to be polluted. Although Heyi paint has the advantages of lotus leaf hydrophobic effect, strong self-cleaning ability, good one-way permeability, strong environmental adaptability and good aging resistance, this kind of products do not have the ability to make up for cracks. In contrast, the new silicone acrylic resin hydrophobic coating for exterior wall external insulation with acid rain resistance and pollution rain resistance - elastic Heyi paint, which integrates the comprehensive properties of the above categories of products, fills the gap between the hydrophobic self-cleaning function and high elasticity of domestic paint products. This kind of product is painted outside the insulation layer like a lotus leaf. In case of rain, it can form water droplets and automatically roll down. It can not only clean itself, but also resist corrosion and cracking. It plays a good protective role in the insulation system. It has the properties of hydrophobicity, anti fouling, elastic anti cracking, acid rain resistance, anti pollution rain and so on. It is a low VOC water-based green environmental protection product with good recoating performance and convenient construction

cracks in the external thermal insulation system of exterior walls are a common and unavoidable problem. Once cracks appear on the surface of the external wall external insulation system, it will not only affect the appearance, but also make water enter the wall. The external wall external insulation system is very unfavorable or even fatal. If the cracks expand further, it will threaten the safety of the main structure of the building. Therefore, for the exterior decoration paint that is rarely used in the waste plastic recycling plant of the system, it is not only necessary to have the ability to cover the cracks, but also to compensate the cracks. Because the microstructure of the film surface has hydrophobic property, the elastic charge art paint popularized in the market can improve the moisture-proof and moisture-proof ability of the material, so as to ensure that the material has a low thermal conductivity. In particular, the application of silicone acrylic resin hydrophobic high elastic coating in the external wall insulation system can give full play to the function of silicone acrylic resin hydrophobic high elastic coating and show the advantages of the external wall insulation system incisively and vividly

experts said that the elastic Heyi paint products are in line with the current direction of paint development, meet the needs of paint product upgrading and the pursuit of high-performance and multi-function, especially suitable for the application of external wall external insulation system. As a building latex coating product with high weather resistance, high stain resistance, high self-cleaning, high color retention and low pollution, elastic Heyi paint effectively makes up for the cracks of the external wall external insulation system, improves the efficiency of building insulation and energy conservation, saves energy, and has good social benefits. According to relevant data, in preparation for the 2008 Olympic Games, Beijing has repainted the facades of about 9600 buildings around the main streets to ensure the appearance of the city. If elastic Heyi paint is used, it can not only reduce the number of "face washing" of buildings, but also save a lot of resources and related costs. Secondly, it is more economical to use elastic Heyi paint external finish than ceramic tile finish. The one-time investment in adopting the highly reusable ceramic tile veneer is large, and the labor, auxiliary materials and other costs are more. Moreover, the process of ceramic tile veneer renovation is very complex, with more energy invested and serious waste of resources. The use of elastic Heyi paint products is simple and easy to construct, and the direct cost savings are more than 60%

building energy conservation is an important part of implementing the strategy of sustainable development. It is the basic national policy to save energy and protect the environment. It is also the current global development trend. It is reasonable to believe that under the development environment of the popularization and application of external wall insulation, improving the energy-saving efficiency of the building wall insulation system and extending the service life of the system will bring new opportunities to the external wall insulation industry. It is of great significance in practical development to actively promote building energy conservation and do a good job in building wall insulation

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