The improvement of rubber formula and skeleton mat

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The improvement of tire rubber formula and the optimization and improvement of skeleton material

make the passive pointer close to the active pointer and aim at the maximum impact energy 1. Green tire

the definition of green tire is: ultra-low rolling resistance, low energy consumption, pollution-free tire. According to the collected data, compared with ordinary tires, green tires reduce rolling resistance by 5% - 22% and save fuel by 3% - 8%. At present, there are two main principles and methods of green tire design: one is tire lightweight, that is, reducing the rolling resistance of tires by reducing the mass of tires, which is also the most direct, fastest and effective method. On the premise of ensuring the use performance of the tire, it is the most basic method to adjust the quality of the tire by controlling the thickness of each part of the tire; Now, a relatively new method is to use light materials to prepare tires, and at the same time, use computer-aided design to optimize the tire structure and reduce the use of materials. For example, using aramid materials instead of steel wires has a very significant effect. The second is to reduce the rolling resistance by reducing the energy consumption (lag loss) of materials, improving the rubber formula and optimizing and improving the skeleton materials

2. Smart tire

the so-called "smart tire", in a broad sense, smart tire is a tire with wisdom and brains. In a narrow sense, smart tires are tires that can collect and transmit all the information about their environment, and make correct judgments and processing of these information

the development of intelligent tire technology includes direct and indirect tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). Intelligent tire monitoring technology can monitor important parameters and signals such as tire pressure, temperature, stress, sliding friction coefficient, tread wear, tire damage, and send out alarms in real time. Direct TPMS is the development trend and mainstream of TPMS in the future

3. Wide base tire

when the pendulum is in the vertical position during the wide base wheel test, the tire has the advantages of weight reduction, small rolling resistance and fuel economy, and it will get more development opportunities. According to the research of the transportation center of Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the United States, some fleets that use wide base tires will improve fuel efficiency by 2-7 percentage points

characteristics of wide base tyres: good grip, handling and cornering performance, low heat generation, good dynamic balance and uniformity, etc. This not only puts forward high requirements for the design of tire formula structure and pattern, but also puts forward high requirements for tire manufacturing technology and technology, and even equipment. Therefore, the manufacturing of high-performance tires is a test of the comprehensive level of tire manufacturing

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