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Recently, the 2010 national quality and technology award conference and the Eighth National Six Sigma conference ended in Nanjing, and the high-end Six Sigma software JMP was widely welcomed and recognized by many participants

jmp and six sigma have deep roots. At that time, the Six Sigma statistical analysis software selected by Motorola when it first implemented six sigma activities was JMP, which mainly protected the surface quality of profiles from being damaged in the process of processing and handling. Most of the first domestic experts who participated in six sigma training used JMP software when they first learned six sigma. Until today, many world-renowned enterprises, such as Dow Chemical, national semiconductor, Dell and HSBC, are carrying out Lean Six Sigma and enterprise transformation based on JMP

with the gradual deepening of the promotion of Six Sigma by domestic enterprises and the gradual improvement of quality and technical requirements, since the visual interactive Six Sigma software JMP takes into account the characteristics of "Six Sigma personnel are generally non statistical professionals", it has become a standardized statistical analysis tool for many domestic enterprises to complete the unit construction and implement Six Sigma in June 2014. Many leading Lean Six Sigma Consulting Institutions in China have also successfully developed six sigma training materials based on JMP to provide more valuable training and consulting services for enterprises. The Six Sigma Green Belt manual, the designated tutoring textbook for the Six Sigma Green Belt registration examination newly published by China Quality Association, has specially included a chapter of "Introduction to the use of JMP software", which can better guide enterprise users to use JMP software and discover important information hidden in data at all stages of six Sigma improvement and six sigma Design

practice shows that if domestic enterprises need to achieve the success of Six Sigma, Important issues that need to be considered and solved first include: Dai rujun, general manager of Xinda group, said: "Bio based materials use corn, sugarcane, etc. as the source of starch to synthesize polylactic acid

how can the leadership continue to be interested in Six Sigma?

how can the leadership recognize the good effect of Six Sigma on improving enterprise performance?

how can the training and project implementation cycle be shortened and the cost of Lean Six Sigma itself be reduced?

how can we ensure that the problem is analyzed in the right way?

how can ordinary employees also Can you participate in continuous improvement

how to standardize and fool the project promotion, so as to facilitate rapid learning and promotion

what are the common points of those enterprises that successfully implement and promote Six Sigma in their Six Sigma work? Through the rich industry cases and China's special national conditions, it can be seen that most domestic enterprises need to go through three important steps to successfully promote Six Sigma:

the first step is to win the support of senior leaders and establish a scientific decision-making mechanism

the top leaders are the most powerful promoters of Six Sigma in the early stage, and it is very important to maintain the continuous support of the company's top leadership for Six Sigma projects. However, most leaders are very busy, and there are always endless meetings, endless typing, endless errands, and endless documents. How to help leaders understand what six sigma is and what benefits it has for the enterprise in a short time? This requires us to provide leaders with valuable information in an easy to understand way to help them understand the impact of Six Sigma on enterprise operations. Specifically, we need to help leaders grasp the dynamics of key improvement project KPIs in real time at all stages of Six Sigma implementation, and constantly catch the attention of leaders with concise and understandable charts. At the same time, we need to guide the heads of specific business departments to get rid of the traditional decision-making method and establish a new behavior mode of speaking with data and making scientific decisions

jmp software provides rich visual solutions, including dynamic bubble charts, real-time updatable graphic generators and customizable management cockpits. The latest version of jmp9 also introduces the function of "map" (see Figure 1), which is very suitable for the headquarters of large group companies to carry out macro control when promoting Six Sigma Management on a large scale, Of course, it can also be used for the leaders of business departments to supervise key business indicators

Second, try to shorten the training and project implementation cycle and improve the return of Lean Six Sigma

training is a necessary link for the promotion of most six sigma projects in China. The content related to statistics in the traditional six sigma training materials is often filled with a large number of formula derivation that most students are afraid of, and the existing PowerPoint mode can not thoroughly explain professional statistical concepts. Practice has proved that it is more effective to teach abstract theoretical knowledge to beginners in the form of interactive graphics and animation, which is the feature of the new six sigma tutorial developed by JMP for engineers with non statistical backgrounds. JMP can help to show statistical principles clearly and easily, and greatly shorten the training hours. For example, the univariate linear regression, the traditional textbook spent several pages of PPT, and took up a lot of class hours, but the effect was mediocre. With the help of a dynamic graph of JMP, many consultants can often get twice the result with half the effort

Figure 1 explains the regression principle in the form of animation in JMP

according to the industry experience of Six Sigma, the success of early test projects is crucial to the overall success of Six Sigma. For early test projects, in addition to selecting appropriate projects, appropriate tools are also very important. The "right tool" mentioned here is not necessarily a very advanced and complex tool, but a method that can easily help solve problems, whether it is advanced or not, is a "right tool". JMP is good at graphical and interactive analysis, which is easy to learn and use. It can help project members quickly find the key factors affecting quality, significantly improve the success rate of improvement and reduce the risk of the project. For example, in addition to the width of the bonding between the big bottom side wall and the upper, engineers can use the function of dynamic link between graphics provided by JMP (see Figure 3) to find out from the data that the main factors affecting the qualification rate of yield are current and personnel operator, and then find "quick win" improvement measures without knowing what is hypothesis test and what is variance analysis. In the latest jmp9, this analysis method can be further output into flash animation, so that it can be run and demonstrated on computers without JMP software, which makes the use of statistical tools no longer an obstacle for us to carry out six sigma

Figure 2, graphic dynamic link analysis output from JMP that can run independently in the form of flash animation

step 3, copy successful experience and make continuous improvement

with the high support of leaders and the results of early project implementation as verification, possible objections within the company began to dissipate gradually, the power in favor of Six Sigma rose, and large-scale promotion and improvement began to be put on the agenda. At this time, the contents of system and culture begin to play a role, and the work of experience sharing and promotion is essential. What we call experience sharing and promotion is very professional induction, summary and standardization. To be specific, it is to consolidate the improvement achievements that have been made, and extend the successful project experience to new similar projects and other similar processes and departments, so as to avoid repeated resource investment and maximize the benefits of successful projects

similarly, JMP software provides a series of solutions in this regard. The standardized project template, the "fool proof" menu architecture design, the personalized Six Sigma tool menu, the "analysis automation" plug-in suitable for the specific conditions of the enterprise, and the dynamically updated work, weekly or monthly reports can be realized one by one. For example, figure 4 shows a scenario in which an enterprise uses the Six Sigma tool menu of JMP and the standardized Six Sigma project template to further expand the application of Six Sigma management

figure III Six Sigma tool menu and Six Sigma project template based on JMP software


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