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The important role of product packaging in logistics

as the saying goes, people rely on clothes and horses rely on saddles. The packaging of hand sanitizer will also have a great impact on consumers, especially in the face of hand sanitizer, a "new thing", a little ingenuity or a little mistake will have a decisive impact on the development of products

blue moon phenomenon

according to the supermarket sales promotion lady, no hand sanitizer can occupy the market as easily as blue moon. No matter where you put it, consumers will be attracted by its full moon bottle and crystal clear green. They will not help but walk over, take a bottle and put it in the shopping basket, and look back from time to time. Of course, its own strength is also the main reason why it can get 30% support from consumers. Its rapid sterilization effect, soft feeling and moderate price are all praised by consumers. This is the blue moon phenomenon brought out by successful packaging: you can buy it at a glance, and then rely on yourself. Therefore, Zhang Changrong suggested that strength let you come to it again, and then its beautiful coat will be more attractive. Of course, we hope that blue moon can also produce some soft packaging and travel clothes, which will bring environmental protection and its own development to a new level

regret of goldfish

for many years, goldfish detergent has occupied most of the food lotion Market in the north and even the whole country. In recent years, goldfish has launched many new products on the market, which have been welcomed by consumers. Goldfish hand sanitizer also relies on the advantages of old brands, with its usual simple packaging, transparent soap, whale oil, VE, aloe and other multi-functional cleansing and moisturizing ingredients and preferential prices, once pushed out, it has attracted the attention of consumers. But I don't know whether it's a coincidence or the product itself. In a large supermarket in Beijing, the author saw with his own eyes that a consumer took three bottles of goldfish hand sanitizer and put them back. Then he filled his bag with paper towels. It turned out that it was the hand sanitizer oozing from the mouth that was "washing hands" for consumers. The author personally took several bottles inside and felt sticky at the mouth of the bottles to varying degrees. He asked the store salesperson, They also regretfully said, "many consumers were originally interested in goldfish hand sanitizer, but it was because of some problems in the packaging that affected their choice." Therefore, the author can't help thinking of a lyrics: "don't love so much, just love a little." Yes, consumers don't really want much. In today's fierce competition, it's not worth hitting absorbers and other products if they lose first because of "just a little bit"

kaimi's plastic film

is also in the supermarket. The labor union of a factory is selecting labor protection products for employees. Originally, their funds were limited. At first, they valued another brand similar to kaimi in style and composition, and the price was cheaper, but one of them accidentally found the plastic film outside kaimi, Just say "it's still rice. With this layer of film, it's much more high-end. Besides, it's also clean."

therefore, I thought of the "moon cake phenomenon" of the Mid Autumn Festival. Previously, in hotels and restaurants, during the Mid Autumn Festival, they would give some moon cakes to foreign friends, but they found that many guests politely thanked them in person, and then quietly put them in the garbage can. Why? Because there is no separate sealed package. Of course, that was just a story many years ago. Now, consumers are paying more and more attention to the outer packaging of products, so manufacturers are advised not to underestimate the level of our consumers, so that the products can be cleaner from the inside out

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